1,150 Watt stereo, front and rear speaker, and subwoofer kit for select Polaris® RZR models

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If you want to take things to the next level then the RZR Stage 5 kit is for you. Featuring all the same hardware as the Stage 4 kit, we've upgraded the speakers and minicans to our Punch PM series for even more output. We're including our Power small chassis amplifiers, ramping the power total up to a whopping 1150 watts and the subwoofer is stepped up to our T1 Slim series 10 inch model. If you're ready to be the loudest and baddest RZR on the ride then you've found exactly what you need.

Estimated Installation Time: 3 HOURS


·         No drilling or cutting required

·         Direct connect wiring harnesses for RZR models

·         Stereo kits bolt to factory attachment points

·         System is Element Ready™ to withstand harsh outdoor environment

·         Speaker & sub enclosures integrate with no loss of passenger/cargo space

·         PMX-2: Punch Marine Compact AM/FM/WB Digital Media Receiver 2.7" Display

·         RFRZ-PMX2DK: Installation Kit for Dash

·         RFRZ-FSE: RZR 6.5” Front Speaker Enclosure (Pair)

·         PM2652B: Punch Marine 6.5" Full Range Speakers - Black (Pair)

·         TM400X4ad: Power Marine 400 Watt Class-ad 4-Channel Amplifier

·         TM750X1bd: Power Marine 750 Watt Class-bd 1-Channel Amplifier

·         RFRZ-FWE: RZR 10” Front Subwoofer Enclosure***

·         T1S2-10: Power 10" T1 Slim Single 2-Ohm Subwoofer

·         RFRZ-K4D: RZR Dual Amp Kit and Mounting Plate

·         PM2652W-MB: Punch Marine 6.5" Rear Speakers in Enclosure - Black (Pair)

·         PM-CL2B: Punch Diecast Clamp for Rear Enclosure - Black (Pair)

·         RFRZ-RSW16: Rear Speaker Harness

 *Antenna not included