Add-on Front Upper Speaker Kit for use with YXZ-STAGE2 and YXZ-STAGE3 Kits

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Our Upper kit allows you to add the an additional RM1 speaker option to either our Stage 2, 3 or 4 kit. Including the mounting brackets and wiring harnesses, the installation is a snap to do. So if you decided to not go all-in the first time, you can now complete the package and cruise in style.

RFYXZ-UPPER is compatible with the YXZ-STAGE2 and YXZ-STAGE3.  It is possible to add this kit to the YXZ-STAGE4, but it must be powered by the built-in amplifier on the PMX source unit.

 Estimated Installation Time: 1 HOUR


·         Direct connect wiring harnesses for YXZ models

·         System is Element Ready™ to withstand harsh outdoor environment

·         RM1652B: Prime Marine 6.5" Full Range Speakers - Black (Pair)

·         RFYXZ-FSEU: Upper Speaker Enclosure (Pair) 

*Antenna not included