JL Audio Stealthbox® for 2019-Up Polaris RZR 4 900, 900XC, XP 1000 & XP4 1000

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Part Number: SB-POL-RZG3/10TW3
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Polaris RZR vehicles are built to tackle your favorite off-road excursions, while barely breaking a sweat.

Designed to replace your RZR’s glove box assembly, this Stealthbox® generates rock-solid bass, while leaving plenty of room for storage. Constructed from 100% fiberglass with a weatherproof, texture-coated finish, this Stealthbox® houses a 10-inch, TW3 driver and includes all the mounting hardware needed for a secure, great sounding installation.

We even engineered a special panel that is attached to the Stealthbox and reinforces the RZR's firewall to reduce rattles and improve the overall sub-bass performance.

The Hard Data: Contains one 10TW3-D4 in a front-firing, sealed enclosure with a loading baffle. 400 watt power handling. Replaces glove box assembly in the dash. The factory glove box door is installed onto Stealthbox®. Wired for 2 ohm mono.Will only fit 2019-Up, RZR models!