April 22nd is Earth Day. It’s been 51 years since the birth of the modern environmental movement and though we may not all be into eating granola and hugging trees, there are little things we can do to help lower our impact on the planet we call home. This month, we’re highlighting our Off-Road Scrap SAKS, which are awesome for collecting and carrying trash out of the trails. 

Part of the joy of off-roading is to be able to take some moments away from the hustle & bustle of our day-to-day and connect with the natural world. Seeing rivers and paths littered with cans, wrappers, or other trash can kind of detract from the pristine qualities of our landscape. Whether you’re the type to just worry about your own mess or the type that chooses to pick up what you see laying around, these handy receptacles make it easy to pack it and SAK it! 

Made of high-grade vinyl mesh, these sturdy bags are UV and mildew-resistant. If they do get soiled (which hopefully they will on April 22) they can easily be hosed off or pressure washed with regular soap. Although we do suggest you try to avoid direct contact with your engine components or exhaust, Scrap SAKs are heat tolerant up to 180 degrees. They are easy to attach to the back of your rig with two handy bungees and will be within reach when you finish that cold beverage or protein bar. 

So this April, strap on a Scrap SAK and do your part to help celebrate a day dedicated to keeping our planet clean! Happy trails!