Trail Star Audio GoPro Mount 1 3/4"

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Trail Star Audio GoPro Mount

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Solid Billet EMP Roll Cage mount with GoPro mount on it. Fits 1.75" Roll Cage

Reviews from some RZR forums members.

Thanks...the mount is really nice!

Best mount for the cash for the GoPro

Got mine today, mounted it up and I am very happy

BUMP FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!! Thank you Chuck. Got mine today and these mounts are some of the better ones I have seen.

Received my Go pro mount wow awesome love it. Thank you!!!

Got mine today (that was quick)! Can't wait to test it out on the trails.
Definitely better quality then I expected and looks like it will hold up better then my cheap flimsy one I bought off eBay. Thanks!

Received mine!!! Looks top notch on quality! Can't wait to try his out!!

Just got mine in today! Great quality! Well worth the $.

Thanks Chuck. Beautiful piece.

Got mine in the mail today. Nice looking mount and can't wait to mount it up.

They arrived and look great!

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