ATV and UTV Safe Riding Tips

You just acquired a brand-new Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 ATV, the 2021 Can-Am Defender 6X6 XT UTV, or maybe you already had an ATV or UTV in your possession. You must be eager to hit the trails, right?

Not so fast!

Whether you prefer an ATV for recreation on trails or a helpful UTV for specialized work like farming and hunting, are you ready to ride? Specifically, do you have the ATV and UTV safe riding tips with you?

You’ll learn ten safety tips for riding ATVs and UTVs – 5 tips for each. And even if you don’t own a UTV or ATV yet, this information is still valuable. Knowing the safety tips when riding ATVs and UTVs is critical for any rider’s journey.

Five safety tips for riding Your UTV and ATVs

Riding ATVs is all fun and thrilling. You get the opportunity to explore new areas, including the jungle. But ATVs can turn dangerous if you don’t observe safety measures and play by the rules! Following these rules and safety measures will make your ride safe and fun.

Here are five ATV safety riding tips for you:

1. Have the right gear

You need to ensure that you have the proper safety gear before hitting the road. The basics include having a helmet, a long-sleeve shirt, boots, and long pants. Also, you can get additional protective gear like motocross pants, knee guards, and chest protectors, depending on the rides you plan to take.

2. Don’t ride on public roads

ATVs are designed for off-road rides, so keep them there! Follow trail rules and regulations and stay away from public roads and pavements. Riding the ATV on public roads or pavements can be dangerous to you and other motor vehicles. Also, don’t go further away from the marked trails as there can be unknown dangers.

Here is a few trails etiquette to guide you when riding an ATV:

  • Only ride on the designated trails
  • Slow down near campgrounds and around corners
  • Have the proper flags, stickers, paperwork, etc.
  • Stay to the right side of the trail

Staying off the public roads and adhering to these rules will ensure your safety and those of other people living in or using the same area.

3. No passengers

Unless you buy an ATV that’s designed for two or more riders, you should never have a passenger. Why? Because having a passenger throws off the center of gravity, endangering your safety and that of your passenger. Even worse, if the passenger gets injured, you and the owner of the ATV would be held legally responsible.

If you must ride with friends or family members (which is fun), tell them to check the best ATVs for hire around you.

4. Don’t ride alone

Riding an ATV can get messy at times. You can run out of the gas, crash, or get stuck in the trails. That’s why it’s always advisable to have company (not a passenger). Try to ride with at least one other motor vehicle to be safe.

5. Choose the right ATV and ride within your capabilities

Regardless of what you ride, how you ride, or when you ride, ensure that you’re within your abilities and have chosen the right ATV for your skill level. This will make sure you’re safe and make your rides fun.

Don’t attempt anything that demands more skill or experience, as it can be dangerous. Avoid areas that you can’t easily navigate.

Five safety tips for riding UTVs

Although they’re mostly used for specialized tasks like farming and hunting, UTVs can also be used for recreation. Regardless of how you plan to use your UTV, however, ensure to follow various UTV safety tips.

Here are five UTV safe riding tips for you:

1. Wear the right gear

Like with ATVs, you need to have the proper safety gear when riding a UTV. Among the essential equipment you need are sturdy boots, goggles, long sleeve shirts, a helmet, etc. They’ll keep you safe when you hit the trail. You can also get motocross pants, knee guards, and chest protectors to enhance your safety.

2. Drive when sober

Did you know that about 28 people in the U.S. die in drunk-driving crashes daily? Yes, you heard that right! That’s approximately one person every 52 minutes. Shocking, right? And part of these deaths results from UTV and ATV rides. Avoid driving while high or intoxicated.

3. Stay on trail

SxS UTVs excel in various places but public roads are not among them. Also, lights that come with most UTVs are not street legal. What’s more, bushwhacking is fun until you land in a ditch or hit a rock. To avoid these errors, drive your UTV on the authorized trails only.

4. Keep your hands in

If you’ve ever owned a UTV or have ever ridden one, you can agree that the vehicle is fun to ride. And it may feel more fun when you throw your hands up in the air as your barrel over the hill. However, that’s not a good idea, as it exposes you to great dangers.

The large lugs on UTVs can send rocks flying your way, and you could get hurt. However, you’re less likely to be injured with your arms in the vehicle. So, keep your arms in for safety purposes.

5. No donuts

Donuts with motor vehicles are a fun thing to do! And if you own a UTV or have hired one, you may be tempted to do donuts, but don’t! UTVs are tall, have long-travel suspensions, and have a high center of gravity. This increases instability, exposing you to risks of falling.

Pro tip : Don’t allow your kids to ride ATVs or UTVs unless under the supervision of a professional or an adult.

The bottom line

If you’re headed out to the woods with your brand-new ATV or UTV, ensure you’re protected for the ride. Adhering to the ATV and UTV safe riding tips mentioned in this article is a surefire to guarantee your safety. Wear proper gear, drive safely, keep to authorized trails, and follow other UTV and ATV riding rules to return home happy and refreshed. Ride Safely!

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