How To Size Accessories To Your ATV or UTV

It can be exciting when you first make plans to modify your ATV/UTV with new and shiny accessories. However, there are a few things to remember when you are sizing accessories for your ATV or UTV. Regardless of what accessory you’d like for your ATV/UTV, keep Trail Star Audio in mind for all of your accessory needs. Continue reading to find out more about picking the right accessories and making sure they are the right size for your ATV or UTV.

Check The Service Manual First

Before you start attempting to add on accessories, it is imperative that you access your service manual first. This is a critical step, because ATV/UTVs like to draw power from their electric accessories, and it’s important to know how much electricity a certain accessory draws from the ATV/UTV. You shouldn’t be buying accessories that go beyond the electrical capability of your ATV/UTV.

Sizing Electrical Accessories

If you want to add accessories that take power to operate, make sure you notice the proper wire sizing. For example, if you want to add a nice ATV light bar, and it recommends 14 gauge wire, make sure you are using 14 gauge wire. It is very unsafe to substitute different sizes of wire, and can affect how you size up your electrical gear.

Be mindful of power switches when it comes to electrical accessories. Using a cheap switch is a very easy way to destroy your new accessory instantly. Don’t be cheap, and buy a switch that is heavy duty and waterproof. When you install any new electrical accessories, make sure you are preventing the wires from rubbing together and creating chafing. Gently coax the wires into a bundle with a zip tie or electrical tape.

Often, you will need what is known as a “connector” to add on an electrical accessory. Don’t skimp when it comes to connectors. These are crucial for making sure your electrical accessories run smoothly. If you are using multiple electric accessories at once, it is very important that you invest in a junction box. Using a weatherproof junction box will help you organize all of those pesky wires, and allows you to fuse your wires as well.

Sizing Customized Tires and Wheels

If you’re looking to add on new tires, it’s important to follow size guides when determining which wheels you’d like to install on your ATV/UTV. Before purchasing tires, ask yourself where you ride the most, and this will help you determine whether or not you need all-terrain tires, crawler tires, or sand tires. Before measuring the tires, make sure the tire doesn’t have any damage. This includes tears, rips, and cracks. Next, you want to ensure that the tires you get aren’t too big for your ATV/UTV. This can cause issues in the future. Analyze the design characteristics of your ATV/UTV, and pay close attention to the design details so that you don’t select wheels that get in the way.

Sizing ATV/UTV Covers

One of the most popular accessories on the market is an ATV/UTV cover. When looking for an ATV/UTV cover, first measure the length from left to right across the longest part of your ATV. Then, measure from left to right across the widest part of your ATV, including your tires. Don’t worry about side mirrors. Finally, measure the tallest point of your ATV from the ground up. This will give you the perfect size for an ATV/UTV accessory cover.

Clothing ATV/UTV Accessory Sizing

When riding an ATV or UTV, it is important to be decked out in the right gear in order to ensure the coziest ride possible. From googles to clothing gear, the possibilities are endless. Arguably, the most important clothing or gear accessory is a helmet.

In order to size a helmet, wrap a cloth tape measure around your head about one inch above your ears and eyebrows. This will give you your helmet size. If you fall between two sizes, pick the smaller size and see if that works for you. A helmet should feel snug. If it is easily moved around, it is too big for you and won’t offer the protection that you need.

Now that you’ve read this article, we hope you can start adding on all kinds of accessories to your ATV or UTV! Remember to follow our tips, have fun, and ride safely.

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