Top 9 ATV and UTV Accessories for This Summer

Taking to the trails can be exhilarating for ATV/UTV enthusiasts. The vehicle is your toy, and the open road, trails, or terrain is your domain. Whether an ATV or UTV, when you hit the trails, you want to ensure you have the tools you need to make for a great adventure to remember.

Here is a list of tools you may want to consider when riding off the trails:


Here are some considerations for amplifying your off-road adventure:


JL Audio MX280/4 4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Amplifier, 280 W

The 4-channel MX280/4 amplifier delivers nothing but the best. The cast aluminum chassis resists corrosion and has a high rating on water resistance. You need this when out on the terrain with your ATV or UTV. It’s fully bridgeable, meaning it can be used as a 3-channel or 2-channel amplifier. It has independent front and rear crossovers and a dual-range section that accepts a wide range of input voltage levels.

JL Audio MX500/1 Monoblock Class D Full-Range Amplifier, 500 W

The MX500/1 monoblock amplifier also ensures enjoyment for your ride. It has cast aluminum chassis that resists corrosion and is water-resistant. Use this to bring out the best in your subwoofer system, controlled directly from the driver’s seat. It accepts a wide range of input voltage levels.

Rockford X317-STG1

This audio system has everything you need to take your ATV or UTV wherever you want it to go and enjoy the ride, with a plug-and-play design. It’s super easy to install with minimal drilling and no cutting.

10" CompRT 4 Ohm Dual 2-ohm VoiceCoil

What’s the use of having a sound system if you can’t hear it? The 10” CompRT 4 is thin and small, but it has a fat bass, and it’s perfect for tight spaces. After hearing it, you’d think you had a full-size system on your ride. Not only is the sound just what you’re aiming for in a decked-out ride, but it’s also long-lasting. It has a rubber surround that will last for years. It handles up to 400 watts RMS, and it has more wiring options during setup. It comes with a one-year warranty or 60-day money-back guarantee.


Allow us to help you light up the way. Our high-quality options for lighting are just what you need for off-the-road experiences.

Heretic Studio RZR 1000/900S Tail Lights

This one-of-a-kind lighting (the only bolt-in taillight in the industry) has an ultra-potent backup light and LED brake and running light technology. It is a total lighting package designed with the functionality you need to go anywhere the road may take you. The taillights are plug and play and the actual backup light can be set to turn on and off when the appropriate switch is also purchased to accompany it.

5 Foot Tribal X Multi-Color LED Whip Kit

Go all out with the Tribal Whips 5’ Tribal X Multi-Color LED Whip Kit. This is by far the best multi-color whip they’ve ever made! It’s cool, bright, and durable, everything the coolest UTV/ATV driver would ever want in an LED whip.

It’s so durable because of the strong and flexible poly-carbonate tube we added. This helps to protect the LEDs from strikes and hard impacts. Also, the whip can be easily removed within seconds with the quick connect/disconnect mount, and because it’s a plug ‘n play, it takes very little time to swap out.


Mounts and brackets allow you to level up your ATV and UTV to attach what you want: fire extinguishers, flags, cameras, and more.

Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Mount w/ 2lb Extinguisher

Always be safe with this quick-release fire extinguisher mount. It's precisely machined for the perfect fit for your fire extinguisher. Don’t worry about noise—even the most demanding off-road situations will not cause wear or rattling. A quick pull of the red handle easily releases the extinguisher and you’re ready to put out any fire on the road.

All-Purpose Mounts

From your iPhone or iPod to your registration sticker and license plate. There are many reasons to need a mount for your ATV or UTV, and we’ve thought of them all. Explore our multiple selections of various mounts that can be used for numerous purposes. If you need it on your vehicle while you’re riding, we have it. Make the most of your off-road experience with these all-purpose mounts.



Regardless of what type of vehicle we ride, there’s always the need for repair or replacements. Check out these Trail Star Audio ATV and UTV windshields. Install or Replace your windshield when you need to with these sturdy, practical windshields. View or varied selection, most of them can be installed within minutes. Some can flip up or flip down, are lightweight, and are resistant to yellowing, breakage, and coating failure. Windshields are sturdy and range from $109 to $499.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you need, there’s no need to not have it. Get what you need and more with Rockford Kit's varied selections.

Always be ready for the road and weather with everything you need for your ATV or UTV. We have everything you need to get you started and keep you riding. Rockford Kits are now on sale with the tools you need when you’re riding off the trails. View all of our selections and hit the road in style.

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