Polaris Ranger XP1000/1000/Crew (2018-2022) - Cab Heater

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Ranger XP1000 Heater_EMP
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Polaris Ranger XP1000/1000/Crew (2018-2022) - Cab Heater * 2021 Models with Polaris OEM Tip Out Windshield may need to relocate the defrost vents to the rectangular spaces on either side of the center console. A small amount of trimming to the Dash Panel cross support is necessary to allow the duct hoses to pass by. What make our heaters better, if not the best, is that you are dealing with the designer/manufacturer and most of the kits have been installed by us and fitment checked. We use modern automotive quality vents- not something that looks like is was made in the 50's so they match the modern styling of your UTV. Most of our kits use custom made solid CNC machined Y connection fittings, so there is no chance of leaking welds. We endeavor to use quality parts and hardware in all our kits. This Under Dash Heater kit has 8 vents and fits completely up under the dash area. This kit comes with a compact yet powerful heater with a three speed fan which will deliver heat from the 14,600 BTU* Compact Heater Unit. Modern automotive quality adjustable vents direct the heat were you need it. Two 2" vents mount in the center of the dash top to defrost the windshield, two 2” vents mount in the center dash panel, two 2” vents mount in the dash panel above the side cup holders and two 2” vents mount in the lower dash area. Kit is also available with optional in dash Heat Control (shown in dash switch picture). A unique feature of our kit is that the heater intake comes from inside the cab where the air is cleaner and warmer. Warmer air means more available heat for you inside the cab. Kits are supplied with our custom CNC made alloy Y connectors that connect directly to the engines cooling system for fast heat (Max Stat is not required with this kit). Kits also include custom CNC laser cut mounting brackets, heater hoses and duct hoses, hose clamps, new and improved vents, hole saws (for the heater hoses and vents), grommets, switch, wiring loom and terminals included, templates, your specific mounting bracket with hardware, and instructions. *Heater BTU# output is theoretical and is dependent on the coolant temperature of the UTV and the flow rate of the coolant, which varies by UTV and engine RPM. Outside (ambient) temperature the UTV is being operated in also can change heater output. That being said these 14,600 BTU Heater Units are more that capable of heating 99.99% of all UTV's #British Thermal Unit (BTU or Btu) is a traditional unit of work needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. One four-inch wooden kitchen match consumed completely generates approximately 1 BTU. SKU: Ranger XP1000 Heater_EMP Stock #: Ranger XP1000 Heater_EMP Brand: House Brand Year Make Model: 2022 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Year Make Model: 2021 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Year Make Model: 2020 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Year Make Model: 2019 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Year Make Model: 2018 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Condition: New
Polaris Ranger XP1000/1000/Crew (2018-2022) - Cab Heater
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