SOL Premium RGB LED Whips: Vibrant Colors for Your Off-Road Experience

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Experience the vibrant world of SOL LED Whips, offering all the premium features of our top-of-the-line Light Rod in an affordable entry-level package. Equipped with a dedicated remote control, these LED whips provide a massive splash of color, enhancing both the aesthetics and safety of your machine during nighttime rides. Key Features of SOL LED Whips: RGB Light Rods with 20 Colors and 22 Functions: Enjoy a mesmerizing display of 20 different colors and 22 functions, including flash, strobe, and fade-through colors. Easily adjust the speed, brightness, or lock onto a specific color to suit your preferences. 360 Degrees of Awesome Color: Our unique spiraled design ensures that you get more LEDs per foot of whip, delivering an impressive 360-degree illumination and creating a stunning visual effect. Versatile Black and White Options: SOL Light Rods are available in both black and white options, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your machine even when the LEDs are not in operation. Indestructible Fiberglass Rod: Crafted with a 1/2" fiberglass rod, our LED whips are designed to flex, bend, and withstand extreme conditions, making them virtually indestructible and ensuring their longevity. Sync Combo Set Available: Enhance the synchronization and aesthetics of your machine with our Sync Combo Set, which offers additional compatibility options. LED Technology: SMD5050: We utilize advanced SMD5050 LED technology to deliver superior illumination and energy efficiency, ensuring impressive light output while conserving power.
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