SOL PRO: Premium Bluetooth RGB LED Whips - Illuminate the Night with Style and Control

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Elevate your game and illuminate your machine with the advanced features of SOL Pro LED Whips. These exceptional LED whips not only offer all the premium features of our top-of-the-line Light Rod but also come with a dedicated remote control and an upgraded Bluetooth controller for seamless integration with our free, easy-to-use App. Experience the convenience of controlling your LED whips directly from your phone and step up your lighting game. Key Features of SOL Pro LED Whips: Bluetooth® Control via Free App: Take full control of your LED whips with our free, user-friendly App. Enjoy ultimate functionality, including music synchronization, color customization, pattern and light effect selection, color brightness and speed control, and group LED control. Seamlessly manage and customize your lighting experience from the palm of your hand. RGB Light Rods with 20 Colors and 22 Functions: Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors with our RGB light rods. Choose from 20 different colors and 22 functions, including flash, strobe, and fade-through colors. Adjust the speed, brightness, or lock onto a specific color to create your desired lighting effects. Versatile Black and White Options: SOL Light Rods are available in both black and white options, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your machine even when the LEDs are not in operation. Sync Combo Set Available: Enhance the synchronization and functionality of your lighting setup with our Sync Combo Set. This set includes brake and turn signal functions, providing additional safety features. Additionally, you can control your K2 Rock Lights (25-400, 25-800) using the same App, streamlining your lighting control.
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