XL-SBCONRS Rocker Switch Mount Soundbar Remote

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Control your new XL-50 Series Soundbar from the dash with the new XL-SBCONRS. Designed for outdoor use the XL-SBCONRS sends an RF signal to your soundbar even in direct sunlight! The XL-SBCONRS gives you the freedom to change the volume, track, fast forward/rewind, and play/pause with a simple push of a button. Enjoy your favorite tunes at camp while being in complete control of the party! Hardwire the XL-SBCONRS to power up the unit, then pair wirelessly to your soundbar for total control from the comfort of the driver seat! *****COMPATIBLE WITH XL-650,850,&1250 SOUNDBARS ONLY Rocker Switch Mount RF Remote Controller Fits in standard Rocker Switch Cut Out Controls Most Functions on all XL-50 Series Soundbars Track Up/Down & Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause Wirelessly Pairs quickly and easily to your soundbar Hardwired connections for power, ground, and turn on LED Backlit Buttons NOT COMPATIBLE WITH XL-800,1000,or 1200 soundbars
XL-SBCONRS Rocker Switch Mount Soundbar Remote
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