How to Stay Safe on the Trails

Riding ATVs & UTV's can be exciting and thrilling. The fun in ATV & UTV riding is all about the thrill! However, it is important to keep in mind safety tips while you are out riding the trails. While ATV & UTV riding can be risky, it can be enjoyed safely with proper safety techniques and education. We want our riders to enjoy our products and have fun while understanding proper ATV/UTV safety. The following are some tips to help you stay safe while riding.

1. Helmet & Eye Protection

Protecting your head and eyes is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself while riding an ATV or UTV. In the event that you roll over or collide, you will be glad you have this equipment to provide protection and a barrier to prevent serious damage. While state laws vary in their wording, many states have made it illegal to ride an ATV or UTV without proper protective gear. Regardless, all riders should invest in good quality helmets and protective gear to ensure their safety in the event of a collision.

2. Be in Your Right Mind

It may sound appealing or fun to take your ATV or UTV out for a ride when drinking. However, as with any motor vehicle, they should not be operated while intoxicated. This might sound like common sense when it comes to safety, but it is essential. Alcohol impairs our reaction time and decision making which makes it increasingly risky to drive an ATV or UTV when drinking. Most ATV/UTV accidents occur between the months of May and September (University of Missouri), so take extra caution during the summer months.

3. Limit Speeds

As with driving any other motor vehicle, increased speeds put you at risk for collisions and accidents. Be smart and ride your ATV or UTV at controlled and reasonable speeds on trails designed for ATV riding. It might be tempting to see how fast you can go and show off to other friends and family riding, but the risk is not worth the reward. Be smart when driving your ATV/UTV. In addition, riding in the daylight is preferred. Nighttime usage without proper lighting is a major safety concern as well.

4. Stick to Capacity Limits

Certain ATVs or UTVs are made for either single or double passengers. It is important to use your ATV/UTV as it was designed because they are made to withstand specific weight capacities. Carrying extra people on your ATV/UTV is dangerous and puts you at risk for safety issues.

5. Take a Course

There are several available courses on ATV/UTV safety that are designed to provide essential tips and safety information. Many states offer courses in ATV/UTV safety. We recommend starting with a basic safety course for new and beginning drivers before getting out there on your ATV/UTV. It will provide you with a level of comfort when riding that will ultimately allow you not only to be safe but to have fun knowing you’re prepared for anything. Many of these courses are reasonably inexpensive and can provide a full day of exciting and thrilling fun and adventure.

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