The Fix for UTV Dual Battery Issues

If you’re reading this, you’re clearly an ATV, UTV, or offroad enthusiast. You take pride in outfitting your rig with accessories that are both practical and on occasion, mildly indulgent. Who wouldn’t want a mini-fridge, a soundbar , and some flashy lighting?

But the more auxiliary accessories you have, the more energy it takes to make them run, so you’re going to need a good, reliable power source. Leaving the party at the end of the night to find a dead battery awaiting you is something we don’t want any of you to have to experience. Here at Trail Star Audio, we offer a veritable power buffet, where you can either mix & match individual components based on your current setup, or go big and leave with an all-new kit.

In theory, if you have two batteries connected and running in tandem, you’ll have twice the power right?! This is accurate, but without an isolator to break the connection and keep the power sources separate, you could end up with two dead batteries if unattended. Our TrueAm battery isolators can be used with your existing wiring for battery hookup. The isolator allows you to drain down the secondary battery, so you can still start your machine. This is a great option when paired with one of our popular RZR dual battery kits . If you’ve got a lithium-ion battery, we’ve got you covered there too. These supplies will keep you cruising trails, as opposed to having to call for help.

Looking to go a step beyond just the isolator? This Dual Battery Kit includes the isolator as well as cables for installing your battery setup. As always, we’re here to help you troubleshoot any questions or concerns around the installation process when you opt for a more “hands-on” approach like this.


Finally, the granddaddy of all our kits is the Dual Battery Connect and Monitor Kit . This is the option to go with if you’re looking for the ultimate in peace of mind. The monitor lets you keep track of voltage levels for your main and auxiliary batteries individually. Having this visual is just an added safety layer so you can focus on more important things, like building the perfect playlist for your next ride. We often put more focus on the things that visibly get the most wear & tear- like our tires, but we don’t always take the same measures when it comes to powering our machines. At Trail Star Audio, we want to help you get your rig equipped with the right power supply setup for your needs. Come on in and see us!