Top Five ATV and UTV Accessories You Should Get to Prepare for Winter

The winter season will be here before you know it! That doesn’t mean that you have to park your ATV or UTV for the colder months, but it does require that you start preparing now depending on your region. Whether you hop on your ride for hunting, exploring the trails, for joy rides, or just for a bit of mudding, you need to make sure you’re ready for the season.

That way, you’ll be prepared if obstacles get in your way. And even if everything goes smoothly, it’s best to have everything you’ll need to keep you comfortable, and your ATV or UTV equipped. If you’re unsure of just what you need for your ATV or UTC for the winter, don’t worry – we have you covered!

Trail Star Audio has assembled a list of the top five ATV and UTV accessories you should get right now to prepare for winter fun.

Start By Assessing

Before you start shopping, make some assessments. Really think about your four-wheeler and how you use it. Imagine that you’re out in the elements in cold temperatures.

What would make you more comfortable and help you get through any harsh weather? Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, let’s explore these top five ATV and UTV accessories you should get to prepare for winter.

Protective Gear for Warmth and Safety

You’ll want to keep yourself warm in the chilly weather and keep dry in the rain or snow. And you want to keep your hands dry. So, it’s time to get some riding gloves for the best grip. These breathable lightweight gloves have reinforced fingertips and a rugged synthetic palm with a silicone grip. You’ll also need waterproof durable boots and thick socks.

To protect your eyes from road debris, snow, and rain get a high-quality pair of goggles. The Kingpin Fuzion Goggles have anti-fog properties, quick-change lens technology, and a removable nose piece. They are constructed of contoured triple-layer foam and have a silicon-lined premium strap for comfort and fit.

You’ll need a helmet to protect your head from serious injuries. Your body needs to be protected too! Layer your winter clothing with moisture-wicking options starting at the bottom; the top layer should be waterproof.

Attachable Snow Plow

No one wants to have to fight a pile of snow. So you’ll need a snow plow for your four-wheeler to get through the trails. It will also come in handy for clearing your driveway.

Make sure you choose a high-quality option that works with your particular ATV. The black powder coated EMP Snow Plow is a nice choice. It lifts and lowers the winch and comes with a replaceable wear blade and plow shoes.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Things happen while out there! While you can’t avoid every accident you can make sure you have what you need should one occur. Take along your first aid kit.

The Savage First Aid Kit has mounting brackets, a tourniquet, bandages, antiseptic towelettes, nitrile gloves, sterile gauze pads, triple antibiotic ointment, survival blanket, ace wrap, trauma dressing, burn gel, CPR and first aid guide, and shears. With the Savage First Aid Kit you can keep everything handy in a nylon pouch that sits in a hard case that can be mounted on any roll cage.

Compact Cab Heater

It can get pretty cold out there. When you’re having a blast in the UTV, chills can damper the fun. Don’t risk frostbite; get yourself a compact cab heater.

Not only can a cab heater keep you warm, but it can also defrost your windshield. The EMP RZR Compact Cab Heater has adjustable airflow louvers and temperature settings, defrost components, three-speed fan control, and a high-grade radiator hose.

Full Windshield

Your hands and body are covered, but if you’re not wearing a helmet, what about your face? When the wind starts to howl, the skin can chafe pretty quickly! Add a full windshield to protect you from the cold. And having one doesn’t just protect your face from the wind; it really helps when using the snow plow. Imagine all that snow flying back at you!

Windshields are pretty handy all year round, blocking the rain, mud, and bugs. The EMP Hard Coat Full Windshield with Fast Straps is made from ¼’ thick MR-10 hard-coated Lexan. It is DOT rated and comes with bottom seals to keep your hood looking good.

Other Considerations for Getting Out in Winter

  • Know where you’re headed! Map out where you’re going and ask others who have taken the route about anything you should know about before getting started. Let your loved ones know your plans.
  • Tune in to the weather and download a weather app. Find out what weather is forecasted for the area and prepare for it.
  • Do all of your maintenance. Add fuel stabilizer to ward off condensation and fill your tank. Keep your battery inside when you’re not riding. Check your oil, change it and the filter if needed, or top it off. Then replace your air filter. Having clean air filters and oil will keep you going all season. Inspect your tires for punctures and the thickness of the tread - worn tires don’t grip well!
  • Before taking off, let your engine warm up for about five minutes, and have a blast out there!

Shop Trail Star Audio for Your Four-Wheeler Accessories

Now you’re ready for winter! Trail Star Audio has all the accessories you need for your four-wheelers. We offer free shipping and have a wide selection of audio, off-road lighting, mounts, and brackets.

Review the list and research the best options for you before getting out on the ATV or UTV this winter. Also, make sure you visit the blog for other helpful tips to keep you safe and enhance your off-road experience. We regularly share the best resources for riders and can’t wait to see you there!

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