Great Additions to Improve Your ATV or UTV Experience

Whether you’re recreationally using your ATV or UTV, or using it for work, ATVs and UTVs are versatile vehicles. ATVs and UTVs are great investments, but if you’re looking to take your vehicle to the next level, you’re going to want to get some additions. Depending on the kind of event you’re planning on using your ATV or UTV for, you’re going to need certain kinds of additions. Trail Star Audio knows about ATVs and UTVs, so we're going to talk you through some additions that you can get for your vehicles so that you know which options are available to you.

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Simple Additions

ATV and UTV attachments and sound bars


When you’re riding in your vehicle, it’s always fun to be able to blast your favorite songs. Especially if you’re riding in a UTV, which is known for housing multiple people, music is always a fun addition, because it makes riding with friends more fun. You might be interested in souping up your ATV or UTV’s audio system. If you are, here are some things that you can add to your vehicle, to achieve the optimum sound experience.

A simple solution to enhancing the sound in your ATV is adding a sound bar or a Bluetooth sound system. The perks of having Bluetooth in your ATV is that you can connect your phone to your vehicle without there being any cords. Whether you have Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or the likes, you’ll be able to play your music through your ATV or UTV.


Next, we’ll walk through some additions that can improve the performance of your ATV or UTV. For example, you can add lighter wheels to your ATV. Stock wheels are not the best if you’re looking to do some serious riding. If you want better wheels, it’s a good idea to upgrade to aluminum wheels. Plus, it’s not that expensive, either, so it’s an easy and affordable upgrade.

Another good addition for your ATV or UTV is a new set of grips. Your hands and arms will thank you for this addition, because when you have a high-quality set of grips, then you won’t feel the shock as much when you are riding. If you’re using your ATV for racing purposes, then it’s always good to be as comfortable as possible on the vehicle for the longest amount of time, and having grips on your vehicle will eliminate any fatigue that comes with racing.


In thinking about fatigue, another great thing to add to your ATV or UTV are wheel spacers. If your vehicle has a wider stance, then you’ll be less likely to experience fatigue when riding. Plus, it makes steering a lot easier and you will be able to turn sharp corners, without feeling like you’re going to flip over. So, wheel spacers are important to riding safely.

Furthermore, one addition that can get pricey—but is important to invest in—is an air filter system. You're going to want to make sure that all the dirt and debris are sealed out when you are riding. That means that it is important to invest in this addition.

For safety purposes, it is always important to have a fire extinguisher on board. Whether or not you think that you’ll need one, it’s never a good idea to race or ride an ATV without one. That means, that you’re going to want to invest in a fire extinguisher mount.


Also, speaking of mounts, if you’re planning on using your ATV or UTV in a way that you’re going to want to film, then it’s important to have a mount that lets you record your rides. For example, if you’re planning on filming with a GoPro, then you can get a GoPro mount for your ATV. If GoPros aren't your thing, and you would rather mount an iPod or an iPhone, then you can get mounts that are specific to those devices. In today's day and age, it is becoming more and more common to film ATV or UTV rides, so purchasing a mount that accommodates that, is always a fun addition.

Now that we’ve walked through some basic additions, let’s go over some additions to your ATV and UTV that are a little bit more specific to certain trades.

Specialty Additions

Although a lot of times ATVs and UTVs are used recreationally, sometimes the vehicles are used in the construction industry, farming industry, or other various industries. If you’re looking to use your vehicle to perform labor more easily, there are additions that you can use, which will make certain jobs easier and faster.

For example, you can put a snowplow attachment onto your ATV, so that plowing snow in the wintertime is a simpler, pain-free job. Also, you can add a regular plow to your ATV, so that you can loosen up the soil and prepare to farm. There are even attachments that can be used by industry professionals and homeowners alike, like the mower addition. Whether you use your ATV or UTV to mow lawns professionally or just want to use the mower extension to mow your lawn, it is useful to be able to be more efficient, when mowing. Instead of having to use a conventional push lawnmower, the mower ATV or UTV attachment is a convenient way to make lawn work more enjoyable.

Let’s Recap

There are a variety of additions that you can purchase for your ATV or UTV, and some are more specific than others. Whether you're trying to improve the safety of your vehicle, listen to music while riding, or perform some sort of act of labor with your vehicle, there are additions for every need you might have. We hope that this has been informative and that you have a better idea about the kinds of additions that are out there. No matter what your ATV or UTV needs are, Trail Star Audio is here to help. Contact us today, if you have any questions about the kinds of additions that we offer.

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