Top UTV Attachments for Riding Safety

Utility Terrain Vehicles, otherwise known as UTVs, are commonly used for work purposes. They can haul equipment, are equipped with plenty of storage space, and have plenty of space for a passenger. Because UTVs are often used for outdoor jobs that trucks are not equipped to perform, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re safe, when you’re using for UTV in precarious situations. Let’s go over UTV safety and the best UTV attachments, that will help to ensure your safety.

What Can I Use My UTV for?

Though UTVs can be used for recreation, they are more often used to perform tasks that are impractical or too dangerous for a truck to perform. So, a UTV might: haul equipment onto job sites that a truck can’t reach, bring hay or feed to farm animals, or deliver water jugs to sports teams, among other things. This list is not exhaustive, and UTVs are versatile vehicles.

What Dangers Arise, When Using a UTV?

As we’ve discussed, UTVs can perform many different tasks, and with all of these uses, come risks. Because UTVs are often driven in dangerous terrain, used in farm settings, and used to haul heavy supplies, UTVs might have a rollover accident or a side-by-side accident, due to the driver’s negligence or the UTV’s wheels being too close together. However, you can mitigate the dangers of driving a UTV, if you use attachments on your UTV. To make using your UTV safely easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top UTV attachments for safety.

UTV Attachments that Can Help Keep You Safe

Fire Extinguisher Mounts

This first attachment is the simplest, and the most important, attachment to have on your UTV. Whether your UTV is the thing that causes the fire or not, if you’re facing flames while on your vehicle, you’re going to want to be able to extinguish the fire. So, if you attach a fire extinguisher to your vehicle, you’ll be equipped with a tool that you need to stay safe in a fire.

Off-Road Harnesses

When you’re driving your UTV on unmarked roads, you’re going to want to ensure that you have the proper harnesses, to supplement whatever seatbelt is in your UTV. Off-Road Harnesses go over your shoulders, so you’ll be adequately buckled in, in case of any flips or accidents. Plus, harnesses are equipped with shoulder padding and adjustable straps, so as the harness keeps you safe, it’ll keep you comfortable, as well.

Bench Seats

With a Bench Seat, you’re going to be more comfortable while riding, but the seat will also make your ride more stable, which will increase your safety. Plus, installing these seats are easy, because they usually sit over the center console, without requiring any major modifications.

Mirror Attachments

It is important to be able to see adequately, when you’re driving your UTV. Especially when you’re driving in precarious conditions, visibility is crucial. So, to make things safer, it is a good idea to add a Mirror Attachment to your UTV. With a Mirror Attachment, you’ll have a wider range of viewing angles, image stability, and glass that is shatter resistant.

LED Light Straps

Sometimes, the job doesn’t stop when the sun sets. When you’re working at night, you’re going to want your UTV to be equipped with the best lights, so that you can see. It is dangerous to drive in the dark, if you cannot see when you’re driving. So, adding an LED Light Strap to your vehicle, will enhance your visibility and lower the chances of an avoidable accident. Many of these lights operate off batteries, so it is an affordable enhancement. Moreover, the lights are always water resistant and can be mounted anywhere you like, with their Velcro adjustment straps.

Horn Kits

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re confronted with another UTV, a deer, a person, or any other obstruction, you’re going to want to have a horn to alert the person or animal that is putting you in danger. When you’re driving a UTV, especially off-road, many times you’ll be confronted with people who are unaware that there’s a driver in their vicinity. If this were to happen, it is important that you are able to keep yourself, and the other person, safe, by honking your horn.

Turn Signal Switch

When you’re driving a car, using your turn signal helps to ensure that you’ll stay safe on the road. So, if you’re operating a UTV, and you often come into contact with other UTVs, bikes, cars, trucks, tractors, or other vehicles, you’re going to want to have a Turn Signal Switch, so that other drivers know that you’re turning.

GPS and GPS Mount

When you’re driving a UTV, you might need a navigation service, to help direct you. To ensure that you don’t get lost, you should install a GPS onto your UTV or you could install a smartphone mount onto your UTV. Whether you use your smartphone as a navigational system or a built-in navigational system, it is important to have something to guide you, in case you drive your vehicle into unfamiliar territory.

First Aid Kit Mount

Things happen when you’re riding your UTV, big things and small things. To be ready for an accident, it’s best to mount a first aid kit onto your UTV. This way, you’ll be ready if you’re in an accident on the job or on your vehicle. The American Red Cross offers a first aid kit called the “Stop the Bleed Kit,” which is a great kit to start you off. Plus, you can customize this kit to your needs, by adding whatever supplies that you think you might need.

Final Thoughts on UTV Attachments for Safety

You wouldn’t compromise on other modifications for your UTV, so why would you compromise on UTV attachments that help to ensure your safety? Trail Star Audio is committed to optimizing UTV owners’ experiences with their vehicles. So, if you have any questions about safety—or UTVs in general—don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is eager to help you with all of your UTV concerns!

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